We use completely natural ingredients from medicinal plants and sustainable cultivation,
thus obtaining high-quality products, rich in active principles,
capable of naturally supporting the balance and health of the body


The Premium CBD Oils category represents the ideal choice for those who wish to experience all the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol in a safe, effective, and high-quality product. By choosing a Premium CBD Oil, you can discover how this wonderful compound contributes to improving your emotional and physical wellness.



Nyika Body Care ointments provide a clean and healthy way to maintain ones well-being. They are completely natural and made with carefully selected ingredients that enable a wide range of benefits, due to the synergistic action of cannabidiol, essential oils, and other natural extracts.




The ancient knowledge of medicinal plants is today in continuous transformation and evolution towards a form of holistic awareness of the "psychosomatic" nature of health.



With the power of CBD from nature, we offer safe and effective solutions to help your furry friends live a healthier, happier, and stress-free life.


Join us on this journey towards well-being,
preserving and appreciating the natural world that surrounds us.